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Sovereign Ratings Calendar 2017


Scheduled Publication Date

1st Quarter
UAE 20-Jan-2017
Qatar 27-Jan-2017
Kuwait 03-Feb-2017
Oman 17-Feb-2017
Egypt 03-Mar-2017
Cyprus 03-Mar-2017
Slovenia 31-Mar-2017
Bahrain 31-Mar-2017
2nd Quarter
Iran 28-Apr-2017
Lebanon 28-Apr-2017
Turkey 26-May-2017
Jordan 26-May-2017
Saudi Arabia 23-Jun-2017
3rd Quarter
UAE 21-Jul-2017
Qatar 21-Jul-2017
Kuwait 04-Aug-2017
Oman 04-Aug-2017
Egypt 01-Sep-2017
Cyprus 01-Sep-2017
Slovenia 29-Sep-2017
Bahrain 29-Sep-2017
4th Quarter
Iran 20-Oct-2017
Lebanon 20-Oct-2017
Turkey 24-Nov-2017
Jordan 24-Nov-2017
Saudi Arabia 15-Dec-2017


10 April 2017

Deviation from Sovereign Ratings Publication Calendar

This information notice is made in accordance with Article 8a(4) of the European Union (EU) regulation on credit rating agencies which requires rating agencies to publish an explanation of the reasons for any deviations from their announced calendar for sovereign credit ratings.

Capital Intelligence Ratings (CI Ratings) deviated from its publications calendar on April 7 when it revised the outlook on Lebanon's sovereign issuer credit ratings to stable from negative. The review had been scheduled for completion on April 28 (in accordance with the calendar) but was brought forward as part of the process of assigning issue ratings to a triple-tranche eurobond issued by the Lebanese Republic on March 23. In the opinion of the rating committee, changes in the credit quality of Lebanon since the completion of the previous review on 21 October, 2016 warranted a revision in the outlook.

Credit rating announcements containing the rating rationales for the issuer and issue ratings are available in the newsroom section of CI Ratings’ website.

The next rating publication on Lebanon will be 20 October 2017.

Deviation from Schedule Lebanon

Deviation from Schedule Lebanon