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Transparency Report

Capital Intelligence’s (CI) Transparency Report is made available pursuant to Article 12 and Part III of Section E of Annex I to the European Union Regulation on Credit Rating Agencies.

Capital Intelligence publishes its Transparency Report at the latest three months after the end of each financial year. The Report will remain on this website for at least five years.

Capital Intelligence’s Transparency Report contains the following information:

  1. Detailed information on the legal structure and ownership of Capital Intelligence;
  2. A description of the internal control mechanisms ensuring the quality of credit rating activities;
  3. Statistics on the allocation of staff to new credit ratings, credit rating reviews, methodology or model appraisal and senior management;
  4. A description of Capital Intelligence’s record-keeping policy;
  5. The outcome of the annual internal review of Capital Intelligence’s compliance function;
  6. A description of management and analyst rotation policy;
  7. Financial information on the revenue of Capital Intelligence; and
  8. A governance statement.


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