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Advanced Bank Credit Analysis & Ratings - Seminars / Workshops

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Our Seminars are designed to ensure that participants gain an in-depth understanding of CI's rating processes and methodologies and receive practical training on how to analyse financial statements and identify risks.

- The Seminars are of particular benefit to:

- Counterparty Risk Analysts
- Financial Analysts
- Treasury Officers
- Rating Analysts
- Credit Officers
- Emerging Market Specialists

These Seminars are led by experienced Senior Credit Analysts, typically with 20-30 years industry experience and combine a tutorial approach with hands-on case studies, usually based on real institutions.


- The Significance of Credit Ratings
- Key Financial Ratios
- Bank Failures – panel discussion
- International Accounting Standards (IAS 39 / IFRS 9)
- Window-dressing (case study)
- Road to Basel IV
- Strategic Risk & Risk Appetite
- Liquidity and Funding
- Quantifying Liquidity Risks (case study)
- Other Financial Factors in Risk Assessment
- Sovereign and Country Risk
- Simulated Rating Committee

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In-House Seminars:

Capital Intelligence also provides "In-house" training at your premises.  Contact the Marketing Department for further information -

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